Intuitive Astrology Readings

Exploring The Chart

Your Cosmic Map

the Birth Chart is your astrological portrait, energetically imprinted at birth. It provides essential information which can help us navigate through life in a more strategic & mindful way. We are energetic souls within these human vessels, connected to all things on a quantum level. Our ancestors knew this, so they looked to the heavens. As above, so below. As the universe, so the soul.

In this reading we will explore your unique cosmic map, uncovering important aspects, planetary placements, elemental qualities, and more. 

Lunar Energy Consult

Illuminating The Natal Moon

This reading will illuminate the qualities of the Natal Moon, while also investigating what may arise in the lunar month ahead- including elemental correspondences & upcoming planetary aspects.

While the transiting Moon can guide the collective, knowing how it relates to our Natal Moon is a vital piece of our personal puzzle. 

Cosmic Energy Update

Your Astrological Weather Forecast

This Energy Update offers deeper exploration of the current lunar & planetary transits. Knowing what cosmic events to expect, can help you live both mindfully & strategically, while increasing opportunities for happiness, abundance, and growth, enabling you to navigate through life with clarity & confidence.


 Just as we prepare for transitions in our life & home, it is important to also prepare for what is taking place in the Universe, especially as it relates to our unique Astrology. 

Single Question

Astro & Oracle Guidance

Have a single question or permeating thought that you can't seem to resolve? This offering is a short, but insightful session, providing guidance for the situation at hand. By using Astrology & oracle guidance we can 

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