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Sweet Pecan


Let the aroma of warm baked pecan soothe your soul on even the coldest of evenings with this sweet candle. Pecans are often used in magick & spiritual practices to help attract abundance & prosperity, and so this blend has been carefully crafted with that in mind. Channel the energy of the Pecan to bring in these blessings, but be sure to give thanks in return! Whether you find yourself reading by the fireplace, watching snow fall from the comfort of your kitchen, or are performing an abundance ritual at your altar, this candle is sure to be a perfect accompaniment to your home. 


Blessed Beneath The Waxing Moon




✧Made with US grown, additive free, biodegradable soy wax, phthalate-free essential oil based fragrance blends, organically grown herbs, and lead-free cotton wicks.


✧Orders ship 4-6 days after they are placed.


✧Read my Candle Care Guide for more important info.