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Hallows Eve ~ On Sale

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All Hallow's Eve. Halloween. Samhain. The Witches New Year! This is a holiday with ancient roots, marking the end of the harvest season. It is a cross quarter day, serving as the midway point between the Autumn Equinox & Winter Solstice. It is a time to meditate & reflect, commune with the dead, enjoy warm meals, and celebrate all that we've harvested during the warmer months.


In ancient Celtic traditions, turnips and gourds were carved and placed in windows with candles to protect the home from malevolent energies during the nights surrounding this Eve. This progressed over time through generations to the carving of jack o lanterns. Pumpkins have long since been apart of modern new world traditions, Autumn decor, recipes, and magic practices. The Hallow’s Eve candle is a marriage of traditions, old and new, combining Nutmeg, Clove, and Pumpkin, to fill your home with a festive aroma & high vibrational energy.


Blessed Beneath The Waxing Moon



✧Made with US grown, additive free, biodegradable soy wax, phthalate-free essential oil based fragrance blends, organically grown herbs, and lead-free cotton wicks.


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