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This beautiful blend of Lavender, Coconut, and Cedar has been conjured up for tranquility & relaxation. Luna nudges us to take a step back when we're feeling overwhelmed or overworked, and reclaim our inner peace.


Lavender is an ancient healer which soothes the body & soul, helping you reach deeper levels of tranquility & rest. Cedar, with its ability to purify & heal, as well as its aromatherapy applications for stress relief, provides a woodsy layer of comfort to the mix. Coconut balances out the floral aroma with a sweet warmth. Named in honor of our divine feminine celestial guardian, this candle will enhance your moon-work by creating a peaceful ambiance within your scared space. Also use before sleep to enhance rest, or during self care rituals.


Blessed Beneath The Waxing Moon & Dressed With Lavender




✧Made with US grown, additive free, biodegradable soy wax, phthalate-free essential oil based fragrance blends, organically grown herbs, and lead-free cotton wicks.


✧Orders ship 4-6 days after they are placed.


✧Read my Candle Care Guidefor more important info.