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    Virgo Full Moon

    Full SuperMoon in Virgo x Sun in Pisces | 3/9 | 1:47 PM

    For me, Virgo speaks of Vision. The Pisces-Virgo Axis is one of practicality vs intuition, regarding what we perceive, feel, and do. We often hear of Virgo being an overly analytical & obsessive energy, but this is usually an exaggeration. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, (who coincidentally ends its retrograde, going direct in Aquarius today) and unlike Gemini who is also ruled by this planet of discernment & communication, Virgo seeks to establish action through thought rather than merely express thought impulsively. We take expression one step further in Virgo, refining, honing our ideas, critiquing our plans, and becoming a bit more mindful of how our thoughts can also serve the minds of others. How can we communicate our vision & put it into action in the physical world?

    Earthy Virgo also offers a grounding sense about which details are important when it comes to our ideas & which are simply distractions. We actually have 7 energies in Earth Signs at the time of the Full Moon; Venus & Uranus conjunct in Taurus, and Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node occupying most of Capricorn's realm. We may be (and have been) feeling overly responsible lately. Persistent, ambitious, and feeling an urge to get projects started, moving, done, or establish new lifestyle changes. This is the last Full Moon of the Astrological wheel, and the cycle begins again with the Spring Equinox & Aries Season. So, I feel like there is a lot of forward momentum that we're trying to attain, to almost lift the weight of Winter & reinvent any part of ourself that has been withdrawn, diligent, and weary.

    The Full Moon always offers a reminder to make adjustments & release what is not helping steer us towards our goals. This peak in the lunar phase illuminates our journey, allowing us to see what we've accomplished so far, give thanks, and prepare to revisit our intentions at the coming New Moon. Since the Moon governs our feelings & subconscious thoughts, its opposition to the Sun in Watery Pisces might leave us feeling emotional & just eager to get to where we're going... however both are Mutable Signs, making them adaptable energies to draw on- open to alternative possibilities of life. Meditating on a larger theme, perhaps all you've experienced in the last 6 months (since the Virgo New Moon on 8/30/19) or in the last few months during the Winter Season, will help jump-start a clearing of space just in time for the New Moon in Aries & Vernal Equinox.

    With the Moon closer to Earth than normal, reaching perigree, this Super Moon may have a stronger influence. Find balance by incorporating connection to both Earth & Water during the days surrounding the Full Moon, or simply practice visualization meditation to envision these elements in the mind.

    Sending love,