Sweet Synchronicity & The New Moon

My reading from yesterday included a reminder of tomorrow’s New Moon Eclipse, as well as an insightful message regarding the personal journey I’m on, represented by the waxing cycle of the Aries Moon. Oh sweet synchronicity!

So, unfortunately here in North America, we won’t be able to see the eclipse, but we can still channel the amplified energy of the New (Dark) Moon. Eclipses provoke change, and the New Moon invites us to set intentions with personal growth & transformation in mind. Plus, the Moon being in her own domain, Cancer, means we’ve got big, powerful, emotional events &/or realizations on the way.

The Cancer Moon asks us to take a deeper look at what brings us peace, motivates us, feeds our soul -and when you get right down to it, what we truly require to exist in a fully satisfied, peaceful, happy, and secure headspace. We may feel it more urgent to seek stability in our creative ventures or business projects, & to find emotional balance in our personal or family life. There may be mood swings (you should’ve seen me today), and you might crave more alone time than normal. Don’t ignore it! If you attune to the moon & invite its influence into your daily practices, especially meditation, let this heightened energy assist you in manifesting any desired changes in your life.

This lunar transit will be even more impactful if your Natal Moon is in the 4th house, or in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces!

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