Follow The Tide

The Beach used to be my second home. At one point in time, at a very young age, I believed I had the ability to harness the power of the tide & implement it in my 9 year old self proclaimed witchcraft. Since growing up and working in the real world, family vacations have become just a treasured memory. Waking up on Summer days and heading to the Ocean with my parents is now a rare luxury.

Growing older, I found more inspiration in the forests, surrounded by trees, but the shoreline and the view of our vast night sky over the Atlantic never lost its magical appeal.

Yesterday I spent the day at the beach with my parents & love, for the first time in years. Sweet rejuvenation ! Only some odd hours before the New Moon in Leo none the less. How wonderful it was, to talk about astrology, soak in the Sun, feel the waves against my body, and celebrate this family tradition yet again. Everyone picked self care cards & my dad drew a Moon oracle. Funny that he'd choose the Blue Moon, Aries Full Moon, and Libra Full Moon. Cards that have been repeating in various readings including my own for the past few weeks- just as we near the Aries Full Moon in October, which is usually a great time for him personally ( with fishing and vacationing ). I read them their charts, and was so interested by what we found. My father is a Leo Sun AND Leo Moon. How exciting that we were all together on this particular day just as we enter his season ! Raised by a Lion as you'd have it. My mother is an Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon . So many interesting dynamics to consider, and a lot to consider about their methods of how I was raised. I'm grateful for the traits I inherited as well as the ones that were taught to me.

Later on I let an Earth Magic card fall into my lap. Why am I not surprised the it was The Ocean.

I recently wrote a lyric for the band that references the ebbing tide. Learning to move with the ebb and flow of how life flows is something I am only now starting to become familiar with. Taking time to reflect by the Ocean was much needed, and is something I plan to make more time for.

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