2.9.20 Full Moon in Leo

If we think of each Zodiac Sign as a piece of music, Aquarius would be the collaborative creation of a full string ensemble, a choir, and maybe even a full band. Leo, on the other hand, would be the product of a solo artist alone in their apartment, tediously recording each instrument on his own. The Aquarius-Leo Axis is sometimes known as the Axis of Ego. It is across this Axis that we can begin to understand the relationship we have with our self as it relates to the groups & circles we place ourselves in. The Full Moon is a time of celebration & ritual… and a time to balance the monthly opposition of Sun & Moon. The Lion might prefer to remain in his den, being too proud to take part in the Water-bearer’s community gatherings, but he must learn that there is greater power in numbers & that when one soul shines, the collective shines as well. Finding balance enables us to revel in Leo’s fire, standing in our individual power & potential, AND be fueled by Aquarian winds which could take us to the furthest limits of who we can become.

According to the Vedas, each planet rules a Chakra, and the nature of the planet expresses itself through the Yin & Yang dualities via the Astrology Signs. Sun & Moon (as well as Leo & Cancer) rule the Third Eye, Ajna Chakra, of pure intention & creativity. Aquarius rules the Root Chakra, Muladhara, our security & stability. If we know the Sun is in Aquarius & the Moon is in Leo, we know that the energy centers of our Root Chakra & Third Eye are highly sensitive while this alignment of Sun, Earth, and Moon occurs. Channeling these cosmic energies in meditation can deepen our connection to the cosmos & our higher self. Imagine the Moon shining brightly between your eyes, just above the brow, while the Sun illuminates the space just below the base of your spine before rising up to meet the Moon, then floating back down & sending the energy through all the channels of the body.

According to NASA, the Moon will reach fullness at approximately 2:33 am EST on 2.9, about a day before reaching perigee- the point nearest Earth in her orbit- making the Full Moon appear larger than normal. So though this will not be a ‘Supermoon’ (that only happens when perigee is reached at the moment of 100% illumination) the energy will still be more intense than an average Full Moon due to this closeness. The Moon rises tonight (2.8) just before sunset & sets tomorrow morning (2.9) just after sunrise, both being optimal chances to see our beautiful satellite grace the horizon.

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