Inspired by the seasons,

the cosmos, and all of life’s fleeting moments,

each Moon Den candle is crafted from a desire to embrace & explore the magic within & around us. They are made in small batches, infused with unique essential oil based fragrance blends, and dressed with ethically sourced herbs & flowers.


There is meaning behind the name & aromatic profile of every candle, as well as numerous ritual uses & correspondences.


All orders include a written meditation, allowing you to truly make each candle your own.

Indulge in a little magick, or simply indulge in the intriguing & comforting aromas you’ll find

in The Moon Den.

March Candle


What is an invocation? Generally it is defined as: an appeal for inspiration, guidance, and assistance - made to a higher power, deity, or muse - usually near the beginning of a ritual, ceremony, or literary work.


Invoke, or call upon chosen forces outside yourself, using; Frankincense for protection & purification, Bergamot for strength & success, Myrrh for enhancing intuition, and Wormwood for determination & transformation. Hints of citrus & amber blend with notes of incense & powder, while patchouli essential oil reinforces the earthiness of this candle.


While truthfully any candle can be used for intention setting, meditation, etc.. Invocations is a very special addition to the perennial line, specifically for the purpose of channeling energy & intuition.

✨Available in 7oz, 9oz, 10oz, & 16oz​


Moon Den Candles are crafted with US-grown soy wax, phthalate-free essential oil based fragrance blends, metal/lead-free cotton wicks, and reusable glass jars.

I do not use color dyes or additives, and all candles are made in small batches with great care & intention. From my sacred space to yours.


These eco friendly soy candles do not release pollutants, carcinogens, or other toxins into the air (remember, you breathe what you burn!), and are a completely renewable, carbon-neutral product. No Prop 65 Warnings here!


See the Candle Care page to learn more about tending to your candles!


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