What Is The Moon Den?

I've always had an affinity for the Moon... to the point that I'd joke about being some form of non human, maybe even from somewhere outside our atmosphere. 
And over the last decade I've come to learn so many interesting & wildly coincidental facts about myself; like being born beneath the April Full Moon, having a Cancer Ascendant, or even about how my parents nicknamed me Moonbeam as a baby. So many matching pieces of my personal puzzle that leave me thinking, "makes sense..."
2004 to 2007 were very significant years for me. I began to cultivate my awareness with practices such as meditation, writing, divination, yoga, and constant reading. Beginning to develop my intuition at such an early age was one of the most important things I could have done. Channeling energy isn't something they teach you in high school. Years later I took up the craft of candle making (2014). Working with fire energy, aromatherapy, and raw materials made sense to me. Flash forward to 2017. Combining my spiritual practices & personal trade with my love of the Moon was the obvious next step. I've also chosen to take my energetic education further through the studies of Reiki and Lunar Astrology which I am currently obtaining multiple certifications for. Yoga is soon to follow, and who knows what the future has in store.
The Moon Den is not just my 'shop', but, my ritual space. A sacred space on the edge of a mysterious lake, hidden away by blankets of ivy and ancient trees. A place where magic is practiced, energy is channeled, and the likeminded collective can gather.
Thank you for visiting
I hope to connect with you soon!