From My Sacred Space To Yours

Inspired by the seasons,

the cosmos, and all of life’s fleeting moments,

each Moon Den candle is crafted from a desire to embrace & explore the magic within & around us. They are made in small batches, infused with unique essential oil based fragrance blends, and dressed with ethically sourced herbs & flowers.


There is meaning behind the name & aromatic profile of every candle, as well as numerous ritual uses & correspondences.


All orders include a written meditation, allowing you to truly make each candle your own.

Indulge in a little magick, or simply indulge in the intriguing & comforting aromas you’ll find

in The Moon Den.

Moon Den Candles are crafted with US-grown soy wax, phthalate-free essential oil based fragrance blends, metal/lead-free cotton wicks, and reusable glass jars.

I do not use color dyes or additives, and all candles are made in small batches with great care & intention. From my sacred space to yours.


These eco friendly soy candles do not release pollutants, carcinogens, or other toxins into the air (remember, you breathe what you burn!), and are a completely renewable, carbon-neutral product. No Prop 65 Warnings here!


See the Candle Care page to learn more about tending to your candles!


Astrology Readings

“That which is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like that which is below, to perform the miracles of one only thing.”

~Hermes Trismegistus

Astrology is a language of Alchemy, Astronomy, Mathematics, Psychology, Mythos, and then some.


We interpret this language via years of study, comparative analysis, and observation. It is important to clarify that Astrology is not fortune telling. There are no absolutes, and planets do not *make things happen*. Rather, Astrology is one of many sacred practices we can turn to, to objectively understand our microcosmic experience on a macrocosmic scale. It can be mindfully applied to cultivate an awareness of our innate challenges & needs, practices to meet the present with strength & compassion, a deeper connection to our Earth-based humanity, and more.


 It is a tool which can offer support, no matter what our unique beliefs may be. 

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